Top tips for surviving lockdown

As we make our way through lockdown it is safe to say emotions can run high.  One day, we wake up fine and feeling we have it under control and the next we are left wondering if this will ever end and may even feel overwhelmed!  Firstly, don’t worry, you are aren’t alone and it’s completely normal!

We have pulled together a few top tips that we think will help you nail lockdown, and keep the positivity flowing.

First up, you are doing your best, you might see other people learning a new language, baking every day creating culinary masterpieces, taking up Yoga and home schooling their kids stood on their heads whilst eating their homemade goods, and if that’s you – BIG well done!  If its’s not and you feel a bit like you are living through organised chaos, it’s OK, you are doing your best and you will get through this!

Stay connected, we are lucky to live in an age where technology is at our finger tips and we should make use of it, why not host a virtual online pub for your family, watch some online theatre or maybe catch a livestream virtual event from zoo’s, museums and many more.  Take this time to appreciate technology and how it keeps us connected.

Got some DIY that has been on your to do list?  Why not give it a go, as long as you can get the supplies to do so safely, now is a perfect time to paint the spare room, do that garden overhaul or make that set of homemade curtains for the bedroom.

Plan for the future, what do you want to do after all this is over?  You might not be able to book a holiday, or trips just now, but that doesn’t stop you planning!  You can search online for that perfect location abroad you want to visit, or that quiet B&B in the country – planning will give you something to look forward to when this is all over.

And lastly, take each day as it comes, some days will flow, you will get stuff done and feel in control, others won’t be like that, wake up each day, think about three things you are grateful for, it’s a great way to start the day and will help you have more good days than bad.

Whatever you are doing, we hope you are staying safe, and staying home.