5 Tips For Surviving Winter

Do we do our horses during the winter months? Yes, we certainly do! Come hellish hailstones, high winds and torrential rain, you'll find us on the yard. So for all your winter warrior men and women, here are our five tips for surviving winter.

Wear The Right Clothes

Apparently, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices. We're on the fence on the 'no such thing as bad weather', but when it comes to wearing the right clothes - we agree 100%. Go for layers, and with our straightforward, no-nonsense waterproof ratings, you can easily pick your weather-appropriate outfit for the day with confidence! Our Sponsored Dressage Rider Amy Stovold swears by her Sub Zero Padded Coat for wet weather rides and says she would be lost without it!.

Work As A Team

If you're lucky enough to have friends at the yard, see if you can create a rota that will help you all out. If you fancy one night off during the week, see if you can buddy up with a yard friend to share chores so you can both take an alternative night off each week. That's an evening of warm, toasty feet, dinner in front of the telly and an actual evening to yourself!

Be Prepared

Try and use the daylight hours at the weekend productively to get all those jobs that are near on impossible to see and do during those morning and night visits done. Make a list of weekly chores that you can do at the weekend to make your weekday morning and night visits a breeze.

Take Tasks Home

Whether it's giving your tack a good clean or patching up a ripped rug. Take the jobs home that you can so you can undertake them in the warm and dry. Your family might not thank you for this tip, but your warm fingers and eyesight will as you tackle those fiddly jobs in the dry and well-lit comfort of your home.

Be Inspired

Winter can feel like a never-ending uphill battle with fresh horses, mud, lost shoes and the threat of snow. Search for a training series that you can watch, learn from and have a go in your schooling sessions. Equestrian videos are great for being inspired during the long winter months. Whether it's watching our dressage superstars or trying some new pole work or jump exercises, it could be just what you need to get you through to spring!

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