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12 Things To Add Sparkle To Your Day

Add some sparkle to your day (and outfit) with 12 'gems' to beat those extended lockdown date blues. Sparkle and shine with this gorgeous tee on your Zoom Call now with our Crystal Embellished Horse Tee. Luxe never felt so comfortable. Equestrian clothing for all occasions.

6 Looks To Rock Your Zoom Video Calls During COVID-19

Whether it's making your mum smile, joining friends for a Zoom cocktail hour or impressing your boss with your 'on point' work outfit call, the Equetech Team show you how you can rock your equestrian wardrobe during COVID-19 lockdown.

Ground Control

Many of us are isolated from our horses, due to yard lockdowns and self-isolation. Having a plan in place for when you are ready to return to the saddle is something that every horse owner needs to consider.

How Do I Keep My Rider Fitness During Lockdown?

Our sponsored rider, International dressage rider Amy Stovold has some great tips and advice for riders unable to ride or even visit their horses during lockdown to ensure that you stay fit and healthy and return to the saddle even better!

8 Items Of Horsey Clothing You Can Wear During Self-Isolation

We share the love for 8 Equetech items you can wear at home during self-isolation right now and then enjoy, once the lockdown is lifted and we can all get back down the stables and start riding our horses again! 

8 Of The Best Rider Fitness Videos On YouTube

We've collated the very best rider fitness videos on YouTube for your viewing pleasure during the lockdown. Limber up and get ready to prepare your mind and body for peak performance when you return to the saddle.

The 13 Best YouTube Equestrian Videos To Cheer Yourself Up During Self-Isolation

If you're anything like us, our horses are our world, so not being able to see or spend real quality time with our beloved equine friends is going to be tough but necessary. So, to get our horsey fix, we've compiled 11 of our favourite YouTube equestrian videos to help you learn, laugh and enjoy! 


With the current government advice, avoiding the crowds will hopefully help stem the coronavirus outbreak. But, what we can do to keep ourselves and our horses entertained, when competing and clinics are off the agender and self-isolation could mean even less physical content with each other at the yard?  In this blog, we share eight ways you can keep busy with a positive focus.    1. Find some new pole work floor plans. There are some great video tutorials on Facebook, IGTV (Instagram videos) and YouTube. Our Pinterest Polework Exercises Board gives plenty of inspiration for riders wanting to inject a new lease of life into their pole work.   2. If you're instructor is unable to come...

Beat the boredom - We may have to self isolate from the Coronavirus!

Staying home will stem the coronavirus outbreak, but what if you’re healthy — bored and an equestrian?  In recent days, many employers have asked employees to start working remotely, or announcing that schools might get cancelled? Will events be cancelled for weeks in light of the Coronavirus?  In many cases, the action is prophylactic — no one at work or school may be sick yet — though with each passing day, more of these decisions are being made in response to the growing number of cases of Covid-19, or the risk that contact with large groups of people could exacerbate transmission of the virus. The closures are a way to enforce social activity, a crucially important public health...

10 ways to spoil your Mum this Mother's Day!

Mothers Day is just around the corner, and sometimes it can be hard to find ways to show our Mums just how much we love and appreciate her!   Let us help you out, with our Top Ten ideas of ways to spoil your Mum this Mother's Day! 1.  Breafkast in bed. Your Mum has probably made you hundreds of breakfasts over the years, spoil her this year and bring her favourite breakfast in bed. If you aren't up to speed with the cooking side of things a hot cup of coffee or cup of tea will still go down a treat! 2.  Give her a call. Does your Mum live further afield or even abroad?  Give her a call - if you can Facetime or video call her, even better as you will get to see the smile on her face when she realises yo...

Perfecting your centre line...

Have you got a dressage test coming up?  Ever received lower marks than you had hoped for?  Over rode or under shot the centre line?  Wobbled your way up to the C marker?   We have been talking with our sponsored dressage rider Rachael Lane, to share her top TEN tips on how to ride the perfect centre line! First and foremost, give yourself time! You have forty-five seconds after the bell has rung to enter the arena, so don't panic; take a deep breath, you've got plenty of time to get round the arena before heading in to ride the test. The next tip has likely been told to you before, so remember to LOOK AT THE JUDGE.  As you enter the arena, fixate on the end of the arena, and ride straight...

The History of the Riding Stock 

The first cravat style stock tie, was originally called the ‘steinkirk’. It was a cravat with long hanging ends loosely twisted together in the late 17th century, worn by men and women. This was a kind of uniform, allowing the upper-class gentlemen to express their wealth in detail. At the same time, another stock tie was also worn, originally by French and German foot soldiers at the end of the seventeenth century.  By the early eighteenth century, this military stock tie had been adopted by civilians and replaced the Steinkirk style cravat.  This military stock, consisted of a piece of white muslin folded into a narrow band, wound once or twice around the neck and fastened at the neck with tap...