A Horse Rider's Competition Checklist 6 Things You Shouldn't Leave Home Without



Apart from your horse, there are a few items on our checklist that we never leave home without, so if you are heading out on the road, here are six things you might want to remember!


Tack & Accessories

You might remember your saddle, but your saddle pad, bridle, reins, girth and bridle can easily get left behind after a pre-show spruce-up! A bridle bag big enough to accommodate your bridle and your girth is a great idea and less likely to be forgotten. Use a big laundry bag to put your horse boots, hat bag, riding boots, and horse treats in, with a protective cover over your white saddle pad to keep it clean during transport. You're likely to remember one big bag but add more bags, and there's a very good chance you'll forget something!


Competition Numbers

Our luxe dressage bridle numbers and luxe dressage saddlecloth numbers are easy to store away and attach to your show tack. Store them in your bridle bag during transit so they are easily accessible and won't get lost.



Ok, so hairnets might not be up there on your 'can't leave home without' list, but we think it's pretty annoying if you forget them! Having a spare hairnet in the glove compartment of your towing vehicle or lorry will mean you always have one if you need it! 


Protective Hat Bag

Invest in a protective hat bag to keep your helmet stored away safely and protected from damaging knocks and scuffs. If you buy one with internal and external pockets, keep your hair nets, stock pins and emergency 'good pony' treats in there, so you always have them to hand. 


A Wipe Board Checklist

It's easy to forget something on show day, especially if you are hiring transport or have to 'de-horse' your car's boot for everyday life, so buying a wipe board and creating a list of items you need will enable you to tick them off for each show day as you pack your horsey gear.


Competition Gloves

We all have that favourite pair of riding gloves, and your competition gloves are no exception. Whether it's getting the perfect feel on your reins in the dressage arena or show gloves which combine grip with gorgeous styling, pop your gloves in your hat bag so that you always have them readily accessible.


Those Competition Extras

Looking for those competition extras to add some winning style to your look? Our Stirrup Leather Belts come in a variety of colour ways and add the finishing touch to your competition breeches or competition riding tights


Our E-Tech Performance Socks are so comfortable you'll want to wear them every day, not just for show days! Slimline with anti-microbial yarns and moisture-wicking properties, they are stylish and practical!


And to finish off your outfit perfectly with our collection of hair accessories from bun nets to beautiful scrunchies, we have sparkle, faux pearls and a range of colours to complement your show day look.

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