What Makes The Perfect Pair Of Breeches?

Are you searching for the perfect pair of riding breeches?

Our Designer Liz Hayman shares her tips for choosing the best breeches for you and what you need to consider before splashing out.

Get A Grip
With so many variations on sticky grip breeches, it can be challenging to decide what you love or hate. Our silicone grip has been specially created through extensive testing because we wanted a grip that had just the right amount of stick to the saddle without getting stuck in the saddle! Choosing whether you want knee grip, full seat, or no grip is personal preference, but be warned, not all grip seats are created equal! Be careful that some of the more sticky silicone seats don't end up marking your leather saddle, and if you have a suede seat, a sticky seat or use a sheepskin seat saver, you could damage the surface you are sitting on.
Call Me
Riding out with our phones has become second nature, and if you always have your phone glued to your hip, then choose a pair of breeches with a phone pocket on the thigh! Our phone pockets are deep and accommodate your mobile phone with ease, and we design them to hold your phone inside securely, unlike some other brands where there is skimping on fabric and quality finish.

High Waist, Mid Or Low Rise Breeches?
Think about your favourite pair of jeans. What makes them so comfortable? The fit of the waistband will play a big part in the comfort factor, and for those of us with tums, bums and curves, higher-waisted designs are generally more flattering and more comfortable. Mid-rise and low-rise breeches work well with longer-length tops, and again, we design our tops to accommodate this choice by allowing for extra length in the body!

Fabric Fun
Most seasonal breeches will come in different weights, so consider when you will be getting the most wear out of them; summer breeches may be great for summer rides, but make sure they are still made from a good quality weave so they stand the test of time and all those long summer rides. Our breeches are non-seasonal unless otherwise stated, so they are perfect for all-year wear.

Wear To Where With The Perfect Pair Of Breeches
When choosing the perfect pair of breeches, you need to decide what you are buying them for. Are they competition breeches for the dressage or show-jumping arena or showing breeches for the show ring? Choosing the right colour, fabric, and fit are going to be important factors. You want competition breeches that don't show every lump or bump and give you comfortable support. For everyday breeches, for hacking and training in, again, choose breeches that are made from a quality fabric that will last and wash well.

Colour Me Beautifully
Colour is a vital consideration when we are designing our breeches ranges. We know that most of you are pretty conservative regarding colour from a practical and confident viewpoint. However, because our breeches are designed to flatter all figures, you can afford to stray a little further from your uniform of navy and black when it comes to your legwear choices! Our Shaper Breeches come in Grey and blackberry,  two gorgeous shades which will inject some 'safe' colour into your wardrobe and work easily with the rest of your riding gear. And don't forget our Ultimo Denim Grip Breeches for classic styling with a contemporary equestrian take on your favourite pair of jeans!

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