5 ways to beat the clock this Winter!

The clocks went back last night and for horse owners across the country the dreaded dark nights are here.  Dark nights mean less time to enjoy your horses and ponies in the daylight and what can sometimes seem like a daily race agains the clock to beat the onset of dark!

We have got 5 ways to help you beat the clock this Winter.

1.  Make all your haynets for the week made up at the weekend if you can, saving precious time during the week.

2.  Another way to save time is to meal prep, you might be used to doing this for yourself but have you ever considered making a week's worth of meals for your horse?  

3.  Bank up their beds.  If you can, and your horse isn't going to trash or eat the extra bedding, use the day's you have extra time to put in all the fresh clean bedding you need for the week, and then as the week goes on you can simply pull some clean bedding down from the extra large banks you made up.

4.  Make sure your horse is clipped for the workload they are doing, now the tempratures are dropping you don't want to be hanging around waiting for them to dry after you have ridden, so if they are sweating up on a regular basis, consider clipping to help them stay cool when being ridden and meaning no extra drying time needed after each ride.

5.  Rugs.- do they really need a change of rugs every morning and evening?  It's a well known fact that a wet rug will dry much quicker overnight if it stays on the horse, so if you want to save a few extra minutes each day consider leaving them in their turnout rug overnight when appropriate.

Do you have any other time saving tips?  We would love to hear them!