10 Tips For Looking The Part In The Show Ring

When it comes to being judged in the show ring, it's not just your ring performance and horse's appearance that you need to think about; it's also your outfit. In this blog, we share ten tips for championship-worthy turnout.

  1. Always wear a Tie with a Tie Pin UNLESS it's a championship, side-saddle or evening performance, where Stocks may be appropriate. Check the rule book for the show.
  2. Tweed is your 'go to' choice of fabric for the majority of showing classes, so invest in a quality tweed jacket that will see through many more showing seasons to come.
  3. Choose a tweed jacket that complements your horse's colouring. A Green Tweed Ladies Show Jacket with Red and Navy Plaid, for example, can look beautiful teamed with a Chestnut or Bright Bay. A Green Jacket with Navy works well for all colours, including coloured horses!  
  4. The plastic ties that many shows provide can look messy - Competition Number Elastic is a smart alternative. Our Foxhead Magnetic Competition Number Holders are a clear winner on this front! 
  5. Messy hair can ruin an otherwise perfect picture. Wear a Hairnet and for longer hair, use a bun-ring and hairnets. Colour coordinated Scrunchies can also add that finishing touch.
  6. Brown or black Gloves are perfectly acceptable at lower levels. Choose leather for an elegant and professional look.
  7. Breeches can be honey or buttermilk but not white. Choose a colour that flatters you. Our range of Show Breeches are designed for comfort and style.
  8. Your competition shirt should feature a crisp collar, but it doesn't have to be boring! Our Stretch Lace Show Shirts are pretty and practical.
  9. Keep your outfit bling for the dressage arena. Showing is very traditional, so the only shine the judges will want to see is on your leather boots!
  10. Wear a smile! Smile at the judge and judging steward as you walk into the ring and feel proud. Showing is all about presenting you and your horse to the best you can, and as the saying goes; 'you're never fully dressed without a smile'!


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