How To Shop An Equestrian Sale Successfully 

Our Sale is now on, but how do you shop an equestrian sale successfully without wasting your time or money? We share our expert sale shopping tips in this blog.


Set A Sale Budget

It's easy to get carried away in equestrian sales shopping, so a good idea before you start to browse is to think about what you would like to try and find in a sale and how much you would like to put aside to buy those extra bargains you might spot! If you set yourself a budget to browse with, you can buy those bargain treats without overspending. 


Sounds Too Good To Be True?

Sounds too good to be true? Then it possibly is! Read the full description carefully and check that the cost doesn't skyrocket with added taxes or delivery costs. If the price seems ridiculously low, it could be a fake website set up to draw you in and trick you into sharing your card details, so browse with caution!

Safe Site To Shop Equestrian Sales

Check that the website you are browsing is secure by looking for the small locked padlock symbol in the URL bar. This icon means you are securely connected to the site. However, some unscrupulous sites might still feature this icon, so it doesn't automatically mean to say it is safe to shop there. Use your common sense when visiting a new website and if something doesn't feel right, then don't purchase anything or add any of your personal details.


Review The Returns Policy

Before buying in an equestrian sale, it makes sense to check the store's returns policy in the first instance. However, if the item you purchased in the sale is faulty, you have the right to return it regardless. Reading the returns policy is especially important if you buy a gift for a friend or do your Christmas gift shopping early. Shop for accessories that don't require sizes or a precise fit if you are looking for fail-safe gifts!

Size Matters

Check the brands' size guide before buying. Every brand is different, so whilst you might be one size in one brand, you might be a very different size in another, so double-check before purchasing. If unsure, reach out to the brand on social media and ask the question.


Don't Delay!

Our sale items always sell out pretty quickly, so you may find that adding sale items to your basket and not continuing with the cart process could result in losing out on your equestrian bargain. 


Ready to Shop? You Can Find Our Equestrian Sale Goodies HERE.