Riding Tips In Hot Weather; Horse Riding Clothing To Keep You Cool This Summer

If you're an equestrian, you've endured those long wet, cold and muddy winter months and now live for sunny, warmer weather! In this equestrian fashion blog, we share our riding tips in hot weather and our favourite riding clothing and accessories to beat the summer heat.

Ride On Time In The Right Riding Clothes

Hotter weather calls for a change in routine. To beat the heat, consider riding early in the mornings or later in the evenings when temperatures are cooler for you and your horse. Choose an early morning hack to avoid the worst of the summer heat and annoying flies, or lunge or school your horse early so they don't get stressed in the afternoon heat. An arena can quickly heat up to unbearable levels in the summer heat!

When you arrive at the yard, apply waterproof sunscreen to exposed skin and wear a hat for sun protection. It's easy to forget as you get stuck into yard duties, so keep your sunblock by your water bottle so you remind yourself to reapply at regular intervals. If you like to change into shorts after riding, choose riding clothing that is easy to remove, even if you are hot. Struggling to remove full-length riding boots and fiddly zips and buttons is frustrating and will make you even hotter! 

Choose summer riding tights and equestrian clothing, which are cut from a lightweight material and dress with comfort in mind. Summer horseback riding should be enjoyable!

Competition Riding Tips In Hot Weather

Keep your competition warm-up to the minimum and give your horse plenty of walk breaks. As soon as you have finished your class or test, remove the tack, wash off your horse, walk them until they are rested, and give them shade and free access to cool water. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV damage when you have finished horse riding and await your later classes or test results.

If you compete in the summer, the organisers may allow you to ride without a jacket. Our wide range of summer competition shirts is perfect! Our Parade Show-Time Shirt has a four-way stretch for show riders with a pretty lace panelling to the back. Showjumpers love our technical Signature Cool Competition Shirt, moisture-wicking in an ultra-light technical stretch fabric. Our Piaffe Dressage Waistcoat is a fabulous alternative to a horse riding jacket in hot weather and keeps you looking smart and stylish.

Choose lightweight gloves and enjoy wearing light-coloured clothing; it will help reflect the heat! Our E-Tech Performance Riding Socks are styled in a breathable stretch fabric yarn with anti-bacterial properties to keep your feet cool and fresh all day.


Hacking Out In Hot Weather

The best riding tights for hacking out in the summer months are our Signature Luxe Riding Tights, with their chafe-free fit, four-way stretch, mesh inserts and moisture-wicking material. These summer riding tights dry quickly and have two thigh pockets and a silicon seat for extra grip in the saddle. 

Our Performance Aqua-Shield Riding Tights come in competition colours, grey and navy and feature two phone pockets and are styled in an advanced technical fabric. These riding leggings are designed by horse riders for the horseback rider who demands more from their summer riding tights! They're moisture-wicking material, Coolex keeps you cool, and the breathable fabric makes them ideal for your summer wardrobe. They are also coated with Aqua-Shield technology, which is a waterproof repellent coating. 


Horse lovers adore our Active Extreme Base Layer comes in a gorgeous peacock blue and competition white and has exceptional moisture-wicking properties and mesh panels for a comfortable ride. Choose lightweight horse riding clothing that dries quickly so you can enjoy wearing it throughout the summer. 


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