Why Waterproofs Are A Winter Essential For Horse Riders

Unlike many equestrian brands, our Designer, Liz Hayman and MD is an #equetechrealrider who rides in actual weather with a real horse! Every garment you'll find in our collection has been tried and tested by Liz personally and our team of riders.  In this blog, we asked Liz why waterproofs are a winter essential for riders and why the new season has even more emphasis on staying toasty and dry!

So Liz, why have you gone waterproof heavy for this season?

"Have you seen the weather over the past year!" laughs Liz;

"I have literally lived in my waterproof riding clothing for most of the summer and all of last winter, and so when it came to planning and designing this autumn/winter, I knew I had to introduce more styles to keep us both warm and dry!"

"You could say that my biggest inspiration behind this collection has been the weather! I wanted to give riders more choice for this season and jackets and coats that were warm, waterproof and stylish."

" I also love to combine fashion with function in my designs, and I am always sourcing new technical fabrics each season. Some you may find in technical outdoor activewear, but within my design, I never forget the freedom of movement and the details riders love and need in the clothing. I also pay homage to ongoing style trends so that I design with sustainability and longevity in mind.

After all, I appreciate that not everyone can afford to go out and buy a new wardrobe every season!"

This emphasis on quality is at the heart of Liz's design philosophy and the backbone to our success;

" I am incredibly proud of Equetech and the reputation we have built over the years for offering quality with an affordable price tag. I love it when customers comment about how they've had a pair of breeches of ours for years, and they're still going strong or a coat they bought seasons ago that they still love wearing—things like that matter to my team and me. "

" When I'm designing anything new, I always ask myself if I would wear it and why. If I have a good answer, I start the design process. Not everything works out, and some things never make it into production, but if I didn't ever try something new, we'd never continue to innovate and evolve what we do, and that's got to be a good thing, right?"

A good thing indeed! Shop our Innovative A/W Collection Now!

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