Beautiful Breeches

Shopping for breeches at any equestrian store, be it actually in the physical or online can be a confusing experience. We are greeted with so many different styles, colours and materials, which to choose? As an ex fashion model I'm a firm believer that it doesn't matter what the current fashion trends are suggesting we buy, it's more important to buy and wear a style that enhances your body type creating both an inner and exterior air of confidence. So, how do we choose those confidence giving beautiful breeches?

Equetech has designed a range of not only stylish but beautiful breeches to suit all body types. For the curvy rider, look for breeches without a pattern in a block colour and if you prefer a breech with full seat make sure the seat is the same colour or tones with the main colour of the breech. Breeches designed with a clever pocket placement to the rear can also be a plus as this can give the illusion of slimmer hips and a lifted derriere, but beware the wrong pocket placement can have the opposite effect! If you feel you are short in the body look for a breech with a standard continental waist, conversely if you are longer in the body wear a high waisted breech. A high waisted breech can also help make the body look shapelier, ideal for more athletic body types. No matter what your body type, Equetech has the perfect pair of beautiful breeches for you.