Why a gilet can be more practical than a coat!

A gilet can be a perfect addition to any equestrian wardrobe and here are our top three reasons why a gilet should become a staple in your wardrobe!

1. It's all about the layers, a gilet allows you to layer up, put a long sleeve warm comfy base layer underneath or in the warmer weather a t-shirt.

2. Comfort. Don't sweat when you ride, a gilet will keep you warm but should mean less sweatiness when you are working hard.

3. Movability. A gilet allows you freedom to move when in the saddle, you won't be restricted and are free to get on and ride.

The Kingsley Gilet comes in 2 gorgeous colours, Graphite, and Midnight Blue, the Kingsley is designed with a super warm technical Bio- Down™ insulation. It's also water resistant, and wind proof so if you want to add a gilet to your wardrobe, then the Kingsley Gilet is a must.

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