7 Horsey Reasons Why Equestrians Love Spring

As equestrians, we often find ourselves counting down the days to spring, but just to remind ourselves why we live for those early spring buds on the trees and the return of bird song to our fields, here are 7 horsey reasons why equestrians love spring. 


1. Longer Daylight Hours

Yeesss. Longer daylight hours mean no more early morning chores and evenings by head torch and more daylight hours to do the stuff we love; riding and caring for our horses!


2. Equestrians Love Warmer Days To Come

As equestrians, we are internally programmed to battle through snow blizzards, monsoon-like weather and sub-zero temperature, but it doesn't mean we love it! As the warmer days arrive, we begin to thaw out and can look forward to peeling off the layers and even look forward to getting a classic 'rider' sun tan!


3. Equestrians Love Spring Due To Less Mud

We hear you if you feel like you've constantly been covered in an extra layer of mud and horse hair! Look forward to less mud = less cleaning, and more riding! Equestrians love Spring because it's also a great time for spring cleaning the yard, your winter rugs and stables.


4. Summer Coats In Spring

Winter woollies that never stop shedding all over you or clipped coats that look more patchwork than perfect now. Not long before that gorgeous summer coat bloom arrives, and your horse or pony will be wearing their best coat out and about!


5. New Season Drops

Your new season style is HERE! Whether it's payday treats or using up your accumulated points through our Customer Loyalty Scheme, you can enjoy summer rides feeling cool, stylish and comfortable in and out of the saddle. Our collection of Riding Tights will keep you cool and comfortable in the saddle. Our Active Extreme Base Layer in a gorgeous Peacock blue is quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and a gorgeous addition to your summer riding wardrobe. With matching E-Tech Performance Socks, you'll be stepping out in style!  


6. Planning For Spring Outings

Something about spring puts a spring in our step, and suddenly we want to fill our empty diaries with many plans. Whether it's online dressage at home, exploring new routes out hacking out, or your competition checklist includes a competition days out. 


7. Spring Foals!

Whether it's scrolling through your Instagram feed for a foal fix or you're lucky enough to meet a foal in real life, we think they are one of the cutest spring babies around. 


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