What To Look For In Plus Size Breeches

Finding the perfect pair of plus-size breeches is easy with Equetech! Our plus-size breeches fit and flatter your form regardless of size because we believe all equestrians deserve to feel and look great in and out of the saddle. In this blog, our Designer Liz Hayman shares her tips on what to look for in plus-size breeches. 


Mid or high rise plus size breeches?

High-rise breeches are going to be more comfortable for your curves. Choose styles that have an extra wide waistband. Our Shaper Breeches also has a three-tiered waistband which offers greater freedom of movement around your waist area. 

Seam placement, what do I need to know?

Look for breeches that pay careful attention to seam placement. Avoid breeches with stitch details on the inside seams as they can quickly become a friction point, making them very uncomfortable to wear.


What size breeches should I get?

Just like fashion brands, equestrian clothing can come up in different sizing. In one brand, you might be one size and then a larger or smaller size in another. Our sizing is standard, and our helpful sizing guide should help you decide on the best size for you. If you are in between sizing, then opt for the larger size. It is better to have a little more room than fighting to squeeze into a garment.


Does the fabric make a difference?

All our breeches and riding tights are made from quality technical fabrics which offer support and four-way stretch. Don't be tempted to choose a fabric that is too thin, especially in summer equestrian clothing, as your derriere can quickly become visible as the fabric stretches when you bend over! Thin materials don't always equate to cool. Technical sportswear fabrics have advanced these days considerably, so choose plus-size breeches and plus-size riding tights that stretch without compromising your modesty!


I would suggest looking at plus-size breeches in woven rather than knitted fabrics because they give more support and will be a more comfortable fit.


Best breeches for plus-size riders?

Two of our most popular styles with curvy horse riders are the Ultimo Grip Breeches and our Shaper Breeches. These two styles come in a woven fabric and look fantastic on riders of all shapes and sizes. Our Ultimo Denim Grip Breeches pay homage to your favourite pair of jeans and are just as flattering and comfortable too!

What other details should I consider?

I would avoid choosing plus-size breeches with oversized logos on the legs. These can stretch and distort, making them look unsightly and messy. Our zips are all YKK zips. The best quality zips on the market. We make equestrian clothing to stand the test of time, and wear and zips are crucial to a garment's longevity. After all, no equestrian needs a wardrobe malfunction with a dodgy zip fly!

Our Updated SIZE GUIDE should help further, too!

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