Don't suffer with cold ears this Winter!

This weekend the country has been on the receiving end of some pretty horrible weather.  Rain.  Wind.  More Rain.  More Wind.  It's been relentless!

As I got off my horse this morning, soaked to the skin, bedraggled and generally wondering if it's time to take up another hobby (let's face it, this time of year it's a question we ask ourselves daily!).  The one part of me that was toasty warn dry and comfortable were my ears.

Introducting the Riding Hat Ear Warmers.  

What did I ever do before I rode wearing these? These ear muffs are designed to fit any riding hat or helmet. And they really do provide the best comfort and warmth for your rides on these cold winter days.

Made from faux sheepskin lining they protect your ears and neck. They sit inside your helmet with an easy to use Velcro attachment and are machine washable.

Keep warm with Winter.  For more of the Winter range from Equetech check out the link here.