Expensive breeches don’t make us better riders!

Expensive breeches don’t make us better riders! 

When I was a child, I never thought about riding attire, I just simply put on my jogging bottoms and a pair or wellies and off in went to the stables! You jump on the pony and have the time of your life!

Over the next few years, as my riding got better I started to think about it my riding kit. Coming from a non-horsey family, my mother didn’t naturally think, the kid needs jodhpurs! Then I accumulated ‘The Wardrobe’. You know the waterproof blouson, the tow-tone coloured jodhpurs, half chaps, a helmet, knee socks, stretch pimple gloves, etc!

As I got older, I moved onto breeches, but back then there was little choice. Usually one or two makes, usually quite pricy!

Nowadays, there is so much choice it can make your head spin, but it doesn’t need to be a difficult decision, nor an expensive one!

There’s no actual enforced uniform, when riding, other than boots and helmets! Many would argue that to be made for functionality, you need to pay a higher price, but this isn’t the case. Of course of there is a legitimate need to invest in quality, but that doesn’t need getting a second mortgage to do it!

If you wear expensive breeches, it does not equate to a lifetime of training, or make you Charlotte Dujardin! For those of us who weren’t brought a pony at 2 years old, nor attended a boarding school that accomodated the ponies, who are we trying to impress, exactly?

Do we need to buy a £400 coat, when there is plenty of style for less? If you purchase smarter buys, just think of all the training that could get you!

My advise is to do your research! Purchase clever garments, that are affordable, functional and stylish. And yes, It is possible to get all three, which will boost your confidence and help you perform better and feel great!