Stay Cool: 5 Tips for Equestrians to Beat the Summer Heat

Our latest blog shares five tips for equestrians to beat the Summer heat. Keep you and your horse cool this Summer with our tips and tricks.


1. Beat The Summer Heat With The Right Clothes

Wearing the proper horse riding clothing can make all the difference to comfort and performance. Whether mucking out in the mornings, hacking out or schooling, keep your internal temperature cool with our summer clothing range. Our Signature Luxe Riding Tights feature four-way stretch, no roll wide supportive waistband and vented detail to the calf to help expel summer heat from your legs and keep them cool while wearing boots. Two deep phone pockets and clever seam positioning are ideal for summer riding.
Our Performance Aqua-Shield Riding Tights are styled in a four-way stretch fabric incorporating 'Coolex', which gives you an ultra-cool feeling to the skin to help reduce excessive heat with wear. They also have a water-repelling 'aqua-shield' coating, making them ideal for hosing down your horse after a schooling session with cold water. The best riding tights with phone pockets, these riding leggings are loved by horse riders!
The Active Extreme Base Layer is a technical riding top which feels like silk to the skin. Quick drying with exceptional wicking properties, this equestrian base layer also features mesh panels for increased air flow and heat transfer while riding or undertaking yard duties. 

This theme of air circulation can be found across our summer collection. The new Freestyle Cool Competition Jacket features integrated contoured mesh panels within its beautiful tailored design. The Piaffe Dressage Waistcoat  further helps to reduce excessive sweating without 

2. Hydrate

They say you can take a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. However, offering cool water to your horse at regular intervals and ensuring that your horse has constant access to fresh water at all times, both in the field with clean water troughs and in the stable, is crucial for your horse's well-being during hot weather. Increasing your water intake and drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated are essential as a rider. If you don't have a drinking water source at the stables, take plenty of water to the barn so that you have clean water to sip throughout the day. A good tip is to freeze a bottle of water, and then you will have ice water to enjoy while mucking out. 
3. Seek Shade

Ensure your horse has cover away from direct sunlight in the field, whether a field shelter or tree shade. Ensure the entire herd has plenty of room to take refuge from the sun. If you are competing on hot summer days, be aware of the risks of heat stroke. 
Park the lorry in the shade and travel earlier or later in the day when temperatures are cooler. If you are concerned about travelling and riding in hot conditions, put your horse's welfare first and opt to go out another time. 
There is always another day and another event.

4. Plan Your Schooling Sessions

Pick a time of day to school when temperatures are coolest to avoid heat stress. Riding very early in the morning or much later into the evening will help keep you and your horse cool and comfortable. Adapt your riding plans according to the temperatures predicted. Remember, you can have just as much summer fun with your horse by schooling out hacking too.

5. Keep Your Cool

As well as riding during the cooler hours of the day, feed your horse an electrolyte supplement during the hotter weather and ensure that you take periods of time to stop for water breaks when mucking out and working around the barn. Regularly hose down your horse to help reduce body temperatures and leave them dry without scraping off excess water. Careful management during hot weather is vital for caring for horses in hot climates.
By following these simple measures and adapting your routine, you can keep your horse happy, healthy and hydrated and avoid the risk of heat stress to you both.

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